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Glitter & Trauma, by Emma Kathryn

"Get ready to be illuminated and taken out of the shadows - cuz this is her town and NO-ONE is gonna mess with it!" @itsablurbthing

When you see the word 'superhero', followed by the phrase 'an essential novella for comic book fans' I'm onto it like a dog on a meaty bone!

I love this genre (yes I am a closet comic book geek at heart!) and was over the moon to have a chance to read this short.

As soon as you pick this novella up and start reading it you can just feel the authors love for comic books and dare I say it her love of everything DC radiating from the pages! - it pains me to write that as I am an avid Marvel supporter, however I can appreciate the 'dark side' on the rare occasion!


The story itself is original, vibrant and lends itself to a typical comic book format (i.e. it gets to the action straight away and leaves the reader with no doubt that "this is all about the action"!). If I was to be critical, however, I would say that yes there are typos and the change-up from 1st person narrative to 3rd did frustrate me at times, however, overall for a first short this was a well constructed story - remember even Apple had glitches at the beginning!


The author has really linked the characters well in this story and the main character of Sarah A.K.A. 'The Illuminator', whilst being instrumental to the core of the action, also has a vulnerability about her that is really reminisced of comic book character's of old - Spider-Man, Superman & to a degree Batman all have a vulnerability to them that allows fans to connect with them on a more 'human' level, which I think is really important in ensuring that the character is believable (or certainly as believable as any superhero truly can be).

I particularly love the relationship between Leech 'I'm a dog on heat' & Patch 'I actually have a dogs name' as this is a classical case of Stud vs Geek, so I would be interested to see how this develops in subsequent stories of the series (hoping and praying of course that there is!).

I feel that, overall, this short has potential and if the correct time and dedication is taken over both the development of the characters, the story and the longevity of any potential series, the author, may, just be onto something!

3/5 (Stars)