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THE FOREVER GIRL, by Rebecca Hamilton

The Forever Girl: Sophia's Journey (Forever Girl, #1)

“This books’ going to make you run into a corner and explore your dark side!” @itsablurbthing

With Halloween fast approaching, I thought it only fitting to review ‘The Forever Girl’ by Rebecca Hamilton.

Firstly, I’ve got to say, after reading the summary blurb for this book I was as excited as a child in a sweet shop and couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the full version. Not least because of the fact that it was a paranormal fantasy type book but because the summary blurb was so well written that, like a fine red wine, it made me instantly want more!

I’m also not ashamed to admit however, that I found myself being rather sceptical after finding out that this was Rebecca’s debut book; I was hoping for genius but couldn’t help fearing a train crash! I needn’t have worried though as it only took half-way through the first chapter before I was suddenly hit with the realisation that this book was going to be as good as the feeling you get when you take that first big bite of chocolate after a stressful day at work!

Writing Style

I was instantly hooked and bowled over by the natural flow and sharpness of Rebecca’s writing style and her story descriptors really made me feel as though I was being catapulted into the book to actually live out the story with Sophia as opposed to being just another observer. This aspect of Rebecca’s writing really did take me by surprise as I always feel that some debut writers can go overboard with story descriptions and lose the reader in the depths of overzealous ‘scene setting’, which is not at all evident in this book. Rebecca also has an uncanny way in which she uses the end of a chapter to hook the reader into the next chapter - as a reader I tend to book mark at the end of a chapter, however Rebecca’s hook style renders you incapable to do such things!


The characters are realistic and true to their origins – Rebecca has really put in the effort to research her work thoroughly and this really shows within her characters interactions, back stories and her knowledge of Wiccan. Sophia, the main character, is a character that has a real sense of depth and has that all important ‘longevity’ aspect to her personality – which is so important for a book series (she also has a wicked sense of sarcasm, which instantly attracts the reader to her sense of self-worth).


The story itself is fantastically played out and although, at times, the pace is slightly off key and slows down at points (especially at the beginning of the book), however the fact that this book has a well thought out twist and ending, means that it is certainly worth sticking with. And whilst I agree, in part, to some reviewers reference that this book resembles Twilight, I feel a shot of realism needs to injected here…yes Twilight is a massive franchise and with the last instalment bound for the cinemas very soon, it will, yet again be thrust into the heads and hearts of those that love it, which will mean, unfortunately that yet again books which involve vampires, hints of romance and basically anything that involves sucking a large amount of blood from someone will be stigmatised!

However that being said and even though I am a huge Twilight fan myself (and yes some men are, so don’t knock it – I will still remain at the edge of my cave at night letting out my huge roar whilst beating my chest in a manly manner!), Rebecca has taken a concept, made it her own and build it to a heightened level of Paranormal sophistication.

All in all I would highly recommend this book and will definitely be the first in line when the next one comes out!

4.5/5 (Stars)