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"@itsablurbthing: Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - a predictable storyline maybe, but in 'DreamWorks we trust' - circus lights please! (6/10)"

The above is the mini-review I gave the trailer - I know a measly 6/10 which is not a good start, especially after having to donate one of my own kidneys  in order to afford the cinema tickets (but that's a different review altogether)! Neither-the-less I always remain optimistic, after all this was the 3D version...so, as I sat myself down, looking like the son of Roy Orbison and attracting unwanted attention through my organisation of noisy food supplies, I awaited the start of the film...which, after a considerable amount of adverts, eventually came! So as I sat back, grabbing my straw  and taking a large slurp of drink, I readied myself to be sent on my DreamWorks adventure...

Now, I can't help doing this, like I can't help correcting my son, but I am always fearful for a film maker when they move from the sequel into the unchartered territory of the dreaded 3rd instalment (we all know what happened to the Police Academy & American Pie franchises) and with the relative simplicity of the Madagascar back story how much more can you really do with a bunch of zoo animals that only 'true' objective is to get back to New York City!? Any lingering  worries or doubts regarding this however, soon vanished and I was left with the satisfaction that the characters story was allowed to play out to its natural conclusion, and l believe it is fair to say that the introduction of the circus gave a new level of belonging and happiness to Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman and the rest of the gang which was a nice touch.  


The story was well played out, with a good pace, although I still don't really understand the switch between the characters being in Africa and then suddenly turning up in Monte Carlo?? - I'm not sure whether I had just blinked too slowly or whether I was too engrossed in ensuring that I had enough cheese on my nacho to satisfy my needs but whatever it was I missed that side of the film which was a shame. 


Where do I start....the main characters of course are important to the overall 'aspect' of the film, however the secondary characters (i.e. the penguins, King Julien & Capt. Chantel DuBois - who kind of reminded me of my mother-in-law - persistent and would 'have my head' on her wall in an instant!), are the real hero's and for me completely stole the show - the relationship between King Julien and Sonya the bear was especially exquisite! 

I, of course, can't finish a review of a 3D film without mentioning the actual 3D aspect, which I really felt bought this film to life and whilst the techno coloured circus scenes did make me wonder what sort of drug the cinema clerk had slipped into my cheesy nachos I have to admit this certainly made the film even more enjoyable than it would have been in the standard format.

All in all and if I was you reading this review, I would get yourself down to the bank, remortgage your house, use this newly acquired money to purchase a family cinema ticket and take your wife and kids to see this film - after all can you really live the rest of your days NOT knowing if Alex and the gang really made it back to 'The New York City Zoo'?

8/10 (Stars)